Sunday, October 5, 2014

Watchlist 10/5/2014

This week's sell off provided some opportunities. Overall market trend is still very much in tact and these stocks are working well. Some good entry opportunities have presented themselves.

Forming a nice base, moving sideways looking ready to move higher on a breakout w/ volume.
SP500 holding this long term support line. Trend is still very much in tact for now.

Bouncing off support, this is at an entry point long.

Channeling upwards. Entry point if this holds above the 50ma

Biotech ETF consolidating close to the 50ma - looks ready to move higher on a breakout.

The strongest of the coffee stocks. Seeing an entry above 140

Holding this trend line and trading close to the 50ma, entry pt. if this can hold above it.

holding this trend line, trading range getting tighter. Looking for a consolidation and a move higher.

healthy trendline and move higher, buy point if this holds

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