Thursday, December 6, 2012

3 Bases To Watch

Two stocks worth watching for breakouts.... market conditions pending of course.

Nice base building on this IPO, looks prime to breakout above 24.

Long consolidation, tight squeeze on the B-bands. This could be explosive to the upside. Watch this one.
ZNGA has been beaten to a pulp and is forming a nice base.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cable or Satellite? Using EPS Growth to Help Decide

Great run, but recently has been closing below the 50ma... warning? Looking for a close above the 50ma before considering an entry.
EPS Growth looks very strong

Great uptrend. Volume starting to taper a bit, could be taking a rest. Overall looking very strong with very little overhead resistance.

Strong EPS growth and strong future growth.

Satellite - DISH vs DTV

Nice breakout after congestion and a restest of that breakout. Look for it to hold above the breakout line.
EPS growth expected to double next year.

Consolidating along the 200ma. Stock is printing lower highs so need to look for it to hold above 200ma to consider entry.

Great Q to Q EPS growth. Sales eh.
From a chart perspective $CMCSA and $DISH have the best charts. They have the least overhead resistance.

They both have strong EPS growth and future EPS growth. Which one has the strongest growth potential? 

My call for satellite is DISH, with  the AMC dispute behind them, they have 53% growth for the year and 50% forecasted for next year. I'm looking for it to hold above consolidation. DISH looks poised to move higher after this consolidation. As always market conditions will prevail and may offer this at a discount.

My call for cable COMCAST. Steady growth, future growth and a steady climbing chart. Time Warner has the LA sports market but Comcast has NBC universal for even bigger growth in my opinion.

Final consideration, overall cable has out performed satellite over the year:
Both cable and satellite stocks are strong why not have a piece of both? Just know how to pick the strongest.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

15 Trade Ideas

LONG: Starbucks looking poised for higher prices after a breakout. 
LONG: Eyeing the $10 level poised for a breakout.

SHORT: Breakdown after consolidation below the 200ma. Looks to head lower.

LONG: Consolidating  and looking poised to breakout and move higher. 
LONG: Looking poised to move higher if it can jump over the 50ma 
LONG: Nice breakout, look to buy on a retest of the 50ma 
LONG: Look to get long on a pullback. Over bought at the moment 
LONG: Looking poised for a breakout and a move higher, watch $USO alignment.

LONG: Look to buy on a breakout above resistance. 
LONG: Look to buy on a further pullback, overall looking powerful as ever. 
LONG: Breakout after small consolidation. Look to see higher price movement into the holidays.

LONG: Look to see some buying at this level if it holds support.

LONG: Looks to be stabilizing and potentially moving higher. Weekly consolidation is looking promising,
LONG: Middle of this range, Seeing a bit of upside here.. see $BAC 
SHORT: Weekly looking dim, I'm looking to short this on further downside. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Strong Sectors OCT 21: UNG, XHB, XLF

Long trade ideas for the coming weeks could emerge from these sectors that are performing very well.

Natural gas trading at the top of the channel, holding up strong. Would look to enter on a pullback.

Home builders looking very strong trading at the top of the channel. Almost unaffected by big friday selloff.

Financials holding up well. Watching support for an entry.

Market Analysis Week of OCT 22

This is not the time to be buying. I'm looking for a confirmation of some solid buying before I step in long. If we continue to see lower prices I will consider many short opportunities I'm setting up.
A sideways moving transports is printing lower lows. This could be trouble for the markets. Watch the 50ma level to hold. If not this could be a rollover which would NOT be good for the rest of the market.
Right on support with a big volume down day. Next stop the 200ma if we see more downside. 
Broke through support, looking very weak after consecutive lower highs and big selling vol. Not the place to be.

Resting on support. Trading in tandem with the fib retracement scale. The selling vol and lower highs suggest this downward move could be just getting started.

Closing right on lower support. Lower highs and big selling volume could mean more downside for the small caps.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekly Watchlist: ARNA, CBD, FLR, HIG, LNKD, NOV, S, USO, YELP

Flirting with resistance, B-bands getting tighter, looks poised for a breakout. Watch the 9.50 level

Bounce off support, trending nicely

Coiled up against resistance, could be gearing to move higher

Look for this to hold above the 19 level, looks like it could keep moving up

Consolidation on support, looks poised to move higher
Trending along this support channel, looking for a nice bounce

Broke out of a volatility squeeze and looking ready to move higher

Watch this resistance line, further selling next week could be a short opportunity

Coiling as its building volume, looks very poised to move higher

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oil: 3 Month outlook USO

Bullish factors to watch for:
1. Breakout from volatility squeeze
2. Dollar dropping, inflation increasing, causing oil to rise.
3. Rising tensions once again in the middle east.
4. Seasonal pattern is bullish for this time of year.

Oil breaking above the 200ma and breaking out of a volatility squeeze

Weekly Watchlist: KIM, MNST, NFLX, S, WPI, YELP

Watch the Bollinger Band expansion after this consolidation breakout. This stock is headed higher.

SHORT PLAY: Previous high flyer heading lower. Look at the decreased vol on friday following a 5% move up.

Could be a potential bottom here, several days of buying volume with an 8th day breakout. 

Watch this squeeze here, note the tightened bollinger bands. Hight breakout potential this week.

Consolidating, looks poised to move higher.

Watch this consolidation pushing up along resistance, could be a breakout.