Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Breakout from a consolidation period. I also see a double bottom that has broken above the reaction high. Short term I see this going to $37. This stock pays a really high dividend of over 6%.


Oil is moving up. I have a target of about $45.00 short term.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


See Previous post.

$DUK - Part 2

This stock has a high dividend yield I see as a good look term buy for the portfolio. From my previous post DUK has moved into the buy zone (box). Not a tremendous day today but it does look like it bounced off the support and is moving higher (albeit slowly).


Continues to climb.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am watching this stock for 2 reasons:
1) Bull View - The stock has had a 4 day buying run... the most this year for the stock. Stochastics look strong (shooting above 50). The financially this stock has made money for the past 4 qtrs with good cash flow and very low debt. They have recently started turning a profit. 

2) Bear View - The $4.20 level is a big prior support level. This could act as a big resistance level as all the people who bought above 4.20 are going to want their money back. 

I think the price action will pull back around this 4.20 level. If the bull view prevails it will pull back slightly and launch past the 4.20 level. If this is just a short squeeze the stock could pullback and fall b/c of the overhead resistance.

Mr. SPX's Wild Ride

Today bounced right off of the 100% retracement level to form a long hammer. I see this as being bullish in strength. Goes to show how contentious Greece and Oil are right now in the market.


Not a ground breaking find but I see a near term profit target of about 20%. Today gapped down 3.4% from my entry which was gut wrenching but I held on bouncing right off support. Many reasons (noted on this chart why I like this stock.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Another short squeeze. I see this going up 5%. I'm going to look to short my position once the target is hit if it starts looking sketchy there.


I would be a buyer right around the area where the 50ma and the 50% retracement meet. Not a high beta stock but this stock has great dividends. Good for a long term hold IMO. I'm waiting for a pullback to support before I get in. Todays red candle looks to be a dark cloud formation and could signal a reversal.

Benchmark - Longer Term Holdings

These are my longer term holdings. I don't swing trade these as much. Balancing this out is going to happen over the next 6mo. This percentage does not reflect the profits I've taken this year.


I saw an opportunity today (after a second day of buying) to long this stock. The second day of buying confirmed the bottom.