Saturday, May 5, 2012

Short Set Up: Russell 2000, RUT, TZA

The small caps are forming a head and shoulders pattern and I am currently short with TZA. I am looking to add to my short if the price action drops below the neckline support.

2 Short Set Ups: C, CROX

Financial stocks are pulling back and I'm capitalizing on it. I see a head and shoulders pattern forming here and see a lot of potential downside. I'm currently short this stock.

Crocs makes ugly shoes and the stock looks uglier than its products. The price is testing a gap that it wants to fill. Looking to be short this stock upon any breakdown of current support.

How I'm Shorting Netflix - NFLX

So far I am nailing this short 3x this week. The Nasdaq continues to tank adding to the misery of this stock. I think this stock sees $66-62 range before the shorts are done with it.