Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekly Watchlist: ARNA, CBD, FLR, HIG, LNKD, NOV, S, USO, YELP

Flirting with resistance, B-bands getting tighter, looks poised for a breakout. Watch the 9.50 level

Bounce off support, trending nicely

Coiled up against resistance, could be gearing to move higher

Look for this to hold above the 19 level, looks like it could keep moving up

Consolidation on support, looks poised to move higher
Trending along this support channel, looking for a nice bounce

Broke out of a volatility squeeze and looking ready to move higher

Watch this resistance line, further selling next week could be a short opportunity

Coiling as its building volume, looks very poised to move higher

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oil: 3 Month outlook USO

Bullish factors to watch for:
1. Breakout from volatility squeeze
2. Dollar dropping, inflation increasing, causing oil to rise.
3. Rising tensions once again in the middle east.
4. Seasonal pattern is bullish for this time of year.

Oil breaking above the 200ma and breaking out of a volatility squeeze

Weekly Watchlist: KIM, MNST, NFLX, S, WPI, YELP

Watch the Bollinger Band expansion after this consolidation breakout. This stock is headed higher.

SHORT PLAY: Previous high flyer heading lower. Look at the decreased vol on friday following a 5% move up.

Could be a potential bottom here, several days of buying volume with an 8th day breakout. 

Watch this squeeze here, note the tightened bollinger bands. Hight breakout potential this week.

Consolidating, looks poised to move higher.

Watch this consolidation pushing up along resistance, could be a breakout.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bullish Set-ups: FLR, NBL, ROSE, CBD, CRM, IBB, NOV

Watch this breakout, promising sales and eps growth

Breakout on strong volume

Look for an entry on a retest and bounce off of the breakout line

Look for this high base to head higher

Cup and handle formation, looking for a breakout

Biotech is strong, looking for an entry on any bounce

Bull flag formation, looking for a bounce off support
terrific breakout from long consolidation, look to enter on any pullback, high eps and sales growth