Sunday, August 17, 2014

Watchlist 8/17/14

Stocks and ETFs to keep an eye on. All posted here have been in long mature uptrends and are approaching new highs.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trades & Performance 07/26/14

No better time than all-time-market-highs to post my trade performance.

- I don't buy and hold.

- I buy dips and base/consolidation breakouts. Sell some on new highs and over extended prices.

- I use trailing stops (light grey line). I don't use sell targets.

- My trades always start with a "core" holding and I build on that. I rarely jump in all at once.

My current trades and performance below:
Oil and Gas driller, its like watching paint dry but continues to move higher.

Held through earning which I almost never do. Glad I did.

I'm just buying on dips and letting this work.

Bought this on a breakout and it gradually broke down. I may jump back in if this sets up again. Long term this is looking decent.

NADSQ 100 broke out of a base in mid may where I caught it. I've just been letting it work.

I've been buying dips and shaving off tiny bits on new highs. My longest trade yet.

Solar has been my best trade. Bought this on a breakout from a base last may and have buying dips and selling new highs to take profit along the way. I believe in solar long term.
This ETF out performs the SPY by its equal weighting of holdings. 

Same as the SPY I've been buying dips and shaving off tiny bits on new highs.

Friday, June 6, 2014

SP500 Roadmap, It's Paid to Stay Long

This chart shows that historically since Jan 2013 the SP500 has had 2 breakouts that went on multi-week rallies. How long will this one go?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Friday, December 20, 2013

Futures Trade 12/18/13

Here is a look at a futures trade on the /ES that I did this week. I caught a nice move after the Fed announcement. Very tricky to trade as it headed in sharply downward minutes after the announcement. Buyers immediately stepped in and pushed the SPX higher. I waited until the second 5min candle I got confirmation of the upward direction before I stepped in. I could have gotten in earlier but I feared a choppy reversal. This worked out for a nice 64 tick move. I set my target for 1800, which it continued on about 4 more pts. I'll never get it all but am learning to be happy with most of it.