Friday, December 20, 2013

Futures Trade 12/18/13

Here is a look at a futures trade on the /ES that I did this week. I caught a nice move after the Fed announcement. Very tricky to trade as it headed in sharply downward minutes after the announcement. Buyers immediately stepped in and pushed the SPX higher. I waited until the second 5min candle I got confirmation of the upward direction before I stepped in. I could have gotten in earlier but I feared a choppy reversal. This worked out for a nice 64 tick move. I set my target for 1800, which it continued on about 4 more pts. I'll never get it all but am learning to be happy with most of it.

Set-Ups 12/20/13

Two ETFs that are poised for a breakout and move higher.
Aerospace continues its upward climb.

Tech continues to work. Nice base forming. Looking for a breakout and move higher.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Trade Set Ups 12/09/13

Watchlist 12/09/13

Watch these consolidation patterns. These 3 stocks have very similar patterns and look poised for a breakout to the upside. All are in uptrends, in long consolidations with decreasing volume.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Trade Set-Ups 11/14/13

Stocks to watch:

Stock is basing looking for breakout on volume.

Nat Gas stock is strong and coming out of a volatility squeeze. Poised to move higher

Descending wedge is looking bullish for a breakout

Nice uptrend looking for a breakout.

cup and handle formation pushing up against resistance

financials forming a high base, watch for a breakout and a move higher.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


 Which index would you trade?
At the top of the channel extended from the 50ma.

Maintaining a nice uptrend. Bounce off the 50ma close to the trend line.

Trade Set-Ups 11/9/13

Stock is oversold. Looking for a bounce and move above the 50ma 
Maintaining support. Looking for a trade to the top of the range at the 162 area.

This could either be an opportunity or a turn point. It's fallen below the trendline. Looking for it to get back above.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Long Term ETF Prospects 10/27/13

These ETFs I am looking at for my May 2018 fund:

Natural Gas EFT that follows the ISE Revere Index for Nat Gas Companies. Keep Nat Gas on the radar for the long term.

BioTech has been a beast this year. The 50ma seems to be a good buy point. Going to buy into any dips.

Aerospace has been a steady climber. Buying at the 50ma has payed off.

Tech is not showing any signs of slowing. Looking to buy the support line on this.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

End of QE Trade Ideas 9/17/13

Couple of low volitility bond and dollar trades that tend to rally when the Fed ends QE. 
The boxes are rallies after the official end of the previous QE programs. 

Bonds are due for a swing back with QE potentially coming to an end. This chart is showing a bullish descending wedge signaling a potential trade coming up. (Weekly view)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Trade Set Ups 9/15/13

Tight consolidation, looking for a breakout and move higher.

Breakout from consolidation and continues to move higher.

This is a beast

Forming a bull flag after breaking out. Looks to be set up to move higher.

Wind energy stocks are poised to keep moving higher. Volume suggests that money is starting to flow in.

Biotech continues to be an outperformed. This looks to continue to move higher.

Cyber defense that is poised to breakout and move higher.

Aerospace and defense have been leading the market higher. Volume suggests money flowing into this sector.

Cyber defense. Solid breakout after a long consolidation. Sector is looking strong on NSA news.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Trade Idea: $EWZ

Solid breakout from a long consolidation base on vol today. Lots of accumulation over the past week. Looks to move a lot higher.