Sunday, September 7, 2014

Watchlist 9/6/14

Comments below charts...

Biotech coming back to test the breakout level of 266, Adding to my position here.

Nike breaks out. This pattern is looking ripe for a buy opportunity. Setting up for higher prices. Very close to the 50ma.

The NASDQ has been consolidating past few days and looks poised to move higher. I added to my position here.

Best Buy setting up for higher prices. 

HP has been on a hot streak and looks like it might be back to test its previous breakout level. Possible entry opportunity.

Microsoft breaks out and is showing a nice signal for higher price action.

Micron Tech is a beast. 105% price growth, 82% earnings over the past year. Setting up to move higher.

At a good buy point, looking to breakout higher.

Western Refining has been in a long consolidation and looks to have broken out and poised to move higher.

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