Monday, November 9, 2015

7 Trade Ideas 11/09/15

Breakout above 100, strong multi-month uptrend, breakout above avg volume, wait for pullback to enter.

In consolidation, look for a break above 21, buy pull backs to 50 day ma

resting on support of the 50 day ma, very narrow bollinger bands, look for a period of consolidation and volume squeeze

volatility expanding over past few weeks, look for a pullback to 50ma to enter

tight bollinger bands, tight consolidation range, volume tapering off, could be ready to erupt higher

resting on support

High base, tight volatility squeeze, recent 2 for 1 split

Friday, July 17, 2015

Recent Charts

Hi have not posted in a long time. I recently went through a bunch of charts. Some right some wrong. Always interesting to look at the analysis months down the road and see where I landed.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Watchlist 02/01/15

This is not an environment that looks conducive for buying. The industrials are looking like they are breaking down. The broader SP500 had a bearish looking sell-off Friday indicating further weakness and potential breakdown out of consolidation. NASDAQ 100 appears tightened and in consolidation.


A diamond top patten on the industrials makes a correction more likely on this breakdown.
The broad market is still in consolidation but appears weakened.

Q100 is in consolidation but appears weak and unmoved despite Apple's huge earning report and strength in biotech names. 

Road map gives some perspective where we are and where we came from.
Stocks & ETF's
Gold bounce off 200ma, a good alternative to overpriced USD and T-Bill etfs

Looks like it is in a volatility squeeze, buying volume on Friday indicated a wake up of buyers that could lead to a move higher.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Watchlist 01/25/15

Overall Market Analysis
Energy co looks like its found a temp bottom\

Excellent energy name to watch and wait for an entry

Gold is going crazy

found a bottom and looks to move higher

Cyber Security that looks poised to move higher

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Watch List 01/11/15

Pop in volume shows this might be read to break out of a long consolidation. 
Cisco skipping off support.

CVS continues to be a buy and hold, skipping off support, buy dips and hold.

Healthcare stocks have been a solid investment. This is a buy and hold.