Monday, April 8, 2013

SPY Range Bound

Bollinger bands tightening as the SPX starts to squeeze

Hourly chart - a closer look at the bounces off support

Trade Set-Ups 4/8/2013

Bounce  off the 50ma, more aggressive volume would be nice. Headed higher.

Bounce off support, trend continues.

Staying above support but this looks weak to me.

Look for a breakout above the 50ma on the CEO switch-up news, strong vol. over the past few days.

Weekly: bouncing off long term support 
A bounce off support and a close above the 50ma, cautiously optimistic.

Breakdown from consolidation. This is headed lower to test this gap IMHO.

Looking poised for a breakout.

Watching for a breakout after a long consolidation.

Looking for a breakout from this volatility squeeze

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trade Set-Ups 4/3/2013

downtrend continues look to short below 420

short setup, falling below 50ma and support

looking for this to head to $11

breakdown after long consolidation, could be headed back to earth

short setup, break down after consolidation falling below the 50ma

weekly view: needs to have a lot more buying volume to breakout from this longterm resistance.

weekly view: coming back to test this breakout level

potential short set up if it falls below this long term support