Sunday, December 2, 2012

15 Trade Ideas

LONG: Starbucks looking poised for higher prices after a breakout. 
LONG: Eyeing the $10 level poised for a breakout.

SHORT: Breakdown after consolidation below the 200ma. Looks to head lower.

LONG: Consolidating  and looking poised to breakout and move higher. 
LONG: Looking poised to move higher if it can jump over the 50ma 
LONG: Nice breakout, look to buy on a retest of the 50ma 
LONG: Look to get long on a pullback. Over bought at the moment 
LONG: Looking poised for a breakout and a move higher, watch $USO alignment.

LONG: Look to buy on a breakout above resistance. 
LONG: Look to buy on a further pullback, overall looking powerful as ever. 
LONG: Breakout after small consolidation. Look to see higher price movement into the holidays.

LONG: Look to see some buying at this level if it holds support.

LONG: Looks to be stabilizing and potentially moving higher. Weekly consolidation is looking promising,
LONG: Middle of this range, Seeing a bit of upside here.. see $BAC 
SHORT: Weekly looking dim, I'm looking to short this on further downside. 

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