Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trade Set-ups 01/12/13

If the market breaks out to new highs this week, these stocks have room to move higher and could be at ideal buy points. All long set-ups.

Look to buy on a breakout above 174.00 with supporting volume.

Looking for a breakout on average to above average volume.

Looks to have formed a decent base and breaking out of this descending trend line above the 50ma.

Inverse head and shoulders continuation pattern breakout on strong volume. Look for this to move higher.
A bounce off support with decent volume. Could be a good place to start a position. Looking for this to at least hit the 50ma.

Looking for this to break this descending trend line on volume. Would buy on a breakout.

Bounce off the 50ma, good buy point.

Weekly, look for this to breakout of this resistance and move higher. Apple earnings will be a big factor in its performance. A breakout could be an anticipation move on earnings. 

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