Monday, August 8, 2011

Market Meltdown - What's Working?

6% drop in market and yes there are stocks and ETF's that are working nicely:

Summary: Commodities, Precious metal & Government Issue Bonds

TLT - 20 year Treasury ETF

DUG - Oil is not working and is falling rapidly along with the value of the dollar. This ETF shorts oil and gas.

FXF - This ETF trades on the surging value of the swiss franc. The price has risen parabolically and is massively overbought. I would buy this on a rare pullback. (trade idea given to me by my buddy JN)

GLD - Gold has had a majorly awesome run. It is approaching a very overbought level. I anticipate gold to plummet at the first sign of bounce back.

SLV - Silver has been on the comeback trail. Thursday's drop last week and weak performance for next 2 trading days makes this a risky trade. I see a potential bear flag forming. If it falls below the drawn trend line, I'd look for support at the 50ma.

CORN - Showing support at the 50ma. Good haven during troubled times?

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